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Ram Air . Explained

Manufacturing Genuine Good Hoods for the light truck and sport compact market is only part of our story. Frequently, we are asked "Do the scoops work?" or "Are the hoods functional ram-air ?" Well, faster then you can say "Functional ram air upgrade" we rolled out our new line of hoods that not only look great, but enhance performance as well. Check this out:

Cold outside air enters the Good Hood...   Air flows through the hood's internal ductwork...    Forced air is directed to the ram-air box and into the engine.

By utilizing our dyno-proven high-flow filter media, and cool air from outside the engine compartment, we are able to increase horsepower and improve throttle response. Most Good Hood ram-air upgrade systems include a washable 5-layer filter, providing the ultimate balance of maximum airflow and maximum filtration. Cold air and cool looks give you the best of both worlds : Style and Performance. That is the Keystone story .


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